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Recent feedback from our PRINCE2® courses:

"Benchmark Training is a great environment for my style of learning! It is a great place with welcoming people and a relaxed atmosphere for training." Swindon Council Delegate, March 2018.

"The best things about Benchmark Training are their location, knowledgeable trainers and friendly staff." Swindon Council Delegate, March 2018.

"The training centre staff were very welcoming and conversational." John, Focus on Training.

"Brilliant, unconventional yet excellent as a result.  Highly motivating." Andrew, Heads Up Hands On Ltd.

"Excellent instructor.  Excellent team." Lisa, DDC CRC.

"Kept us interested and knew how to teach.  Great knowledge of the course and its applications." Jonathan, IPL.

"Learnt a lot both professionally and personally." Hittesh, University of Bath.

Recent feedback from our MSP® courses:

"Very enthusiastic and committed to delegates' learning and understanding.  Confidence boosting, both in terms of knowledge and previous application of MSP but also encouraging." Vanessa, Inveniam Consulting.

"Benchmark are a breath of fresh air as far as training providers are concerned." Simon, Wiltshire Probation.

"Very professional, knowledgeable and encouraging." Sarah, Wiltshire Council.

Free Resources

PRINCE2® Made Simple

Our free, concise PRINCE2® booklet. Click here to download it.

Mind Maps

Our exclusive PRINCE2®, PRINCE2 Agile® and MSP® mind maps bring together the key elements of the methods at a glance. Download them here.

PRINCE2® Software - PROJECT in a Box

To find out more about the Benchmark edition of PROJECT in a Box click here.

Project Document Templates

Click here to download our free templates for PRINCE2® project documents.

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