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What is PRINCE2®?

PRINCE2® is a structured project management method used extensively throughout the public sector and commercially in the UK. It is also widely recognised and used in other countries. The method can be applied to all kinds of project including information systems projects.

Course Dates

20th August 2018
24th September 2018
22nd October 2018
19th November 2018
10th December 2018

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This 5 day class is for anyone filling a significant role in a PRINCE2® project including project managers, team leaders, project assurance and project support staff. The course provides comprehensive preparation for the PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner examinations administered by the Association of Project Managers Group (APMG).



5 days. Delegates are not required to carry out any significant pre-course preparation as our blend of learning methods provides comprehensive preparation for both examinations which are taken during the course. However, the course is intensive and delegates are advised to undertake some revision work in the evenings to prepare for the examinations.


Course Objectives

The course will enable delegates to:

  • Apply the main PRINCE2® themes, processes and techniques
  • Develop and use key project management information products including: business case; project brief; project initiation document; quality, risk and communication strategies; formal and informal reports
  • Prepare project plans using the product-based planning technique
  • Undertake project risk analysis and management
  • Apply the PRINCE2® processes used to manage quality, product development and change control
  • Tailor PRINCE2® to a specific business environment
  • Prepare for and take the PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner Examinations

Our PRINCE2® courses are far more than just exam crammers and our trainers go out of their way to make sure that delegates are able to use PRINCE2® in the real world. At the same time, we offer an exam promise for both the Foundation and Practitioner. Should you fail to pass then you can resit the course once again for free, paying only your exam costs and a £10 per day contribution to your lunches and refreshments.


Case Studies

We only use training material we’ve developed ourselves. Our materials are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that they reflect, and add value to, the latest version of the PRINCE2® manual. You’ll find clear, well designed quick reference guides to all the major elements of PRINCE2® and realistic case studies which illustrate how the method can be used in the real world.

The case studies are particularly important. During the course we follow a £1m project from start up to closure. In Module 2, to reflect the emphasis on tailoring in the PRINCE2®:2009 Manual, we have introduced new case studies to show how PRINCE2® can be applied to a project in a major programme and to a simple project.


Course Content

Module 1: PRINCE2® Foundation (3 Days)

An Introduction to Projects and Project Management.

Elements of PRINCE2®:

  • The PRINCE2® Principles
  • The PRINCE2® Processes
  • The PRINCE2® Themes
  • PRINCE2® Management Products

Case Study (Part 1):
A realistic case study scenario is used throughout the course to allow delegates to consolidate their knowledge of PRINCE2® through hands-on, syndicate work:

  • Designing a Project Management Team
  • Preparing a Project Brief
  • Analysing Risk
  • Identifying Quality Criteria

The PRINCE2® Foundation Certificate Examination.

Module 2: PRINCE2® Practitioner (2 Days)

A review of the PRINCE2® Method.

Case Study (Part 2):

  • Setting Up Project Controls
  • Product Based Planning
  • Authorising a Work Package
  • Examining Project Issues
  • Closing a Project

PRINCE2® Practitioner Examination Techniques:
Extensive use is made of past exam papers to prepare delegates for the Practitioner examination.

  • The APMG Examination process explained
  • Hints and tips on passing the examinations
  • Typical exam scenarios and questions
  • Mock exam papers

The PRINCE2® Practitioner Certificate Examination.



PRINCE2® Foundation Certificate Examination (60 minutes):

  • Multiple-choice
  • 75 questions (including 5 trial questions) - 35 correct answers or more are required to pass
  • Closed-book

PRINCE2® Practitioner Certificate Examination (150 minutes):

  • Objective testing
  • 8 questions – 80 marks available, 40 correct answers or more are required to pass
  • Open book

Free Resources

PRINCE2® Made Simple

Our free, concise PRINCE2® booklet. Click here to download it.

Mind Maps

Our exclusive PRINCE2®, PRINCE2 Agile® and MSP® mind maps bring together the key elements of the methods at a glance. Download them here.

PRINCE2® Software - PROJECT in a Box

To find out more about the Benchmark edition of PROJECT in a Box click here.

Project Document Templates

Click here to download our free templates for PRINCE2® project documents.

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