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What is PRINCE2®?

Projects bring together resources, skills, technology and ideas to achieve business objectives. Using a structured project management method such as PRINCE2® helps an organisation to ensure that these objectives are delivered to an appropriate level of quality and within the constraints of time and cost. It is also an essential element in managing the risks inherent in change and innovation.

Course Dates

28th January 2019
25th February 2019
25th March 2019
29th April 2019
3rd June 2019
1st July 2019
2nd September 2019
7th October 2019
4th November 2019
2nd December 2019

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PRINCE2® is used extensively throughout the public sector in the UK and is also widely recognised and used commercially in the UK and abroad. The method can be applied to all kinds of project including information systems projects.



This 3 day class is for anyone employed in a PRINCE2® project environment who requires a comprehensive understanding of the key PRINCE2® principles and terminology. The Foundation Certificate is a pre-requisite for the PRINCE2® Practitioner Certificate. This course covers the same material as the first module of the PRINCE2® Practitioner Certificate course. It is therefore an ideal starting point for delegates who wish to take the Practitioner examination at a later date.



3 days. Delegates are not required to carry out any significant pre-course preparation. However, the course is intensive and delegates are advised to undertake some revision work in the evenings to prepare for the examinations.


Course Objectives

The course will enable delegates to:

  • Identify the factors which enable successful projects
  • Describe the main PRINCE2® principles, themes and processes
  • Describe the key PRINCE2® management products
  • Recognise and use key PRINCE2® terminology
  • Prepare for and take the PRINCE2® Foundation Certificate exam


The course fee includes a copy of the latest edition of the official PRINCE2® manual, all examination fees and lunch.

Our PRINCE2® courses are far more than just exam crammers and our trainers go out of their way to make sure that delegates are able to use PRINCE2® in the real world. At the same time, we offer an exam promise for both the Foundation and Practitioner. Should you fail to pass then you can resit the course once again for free, paying only your exam costs and a £10 per day contribution to your lunches and refreshments.


Course Content

An Introduction to Projects and Project Management.

Elements of PRINCE2®:

  • The PRINCE2® Principles
  • The PRINCE2® Processes
  • The PRINCE2® Themes
  • PRINCE2® Management Products


Case Study:
A realistic case study scenario is used throughout the course to allow delegates to consolidate their knowledge of PRINCE2® through hands-on, syndicate work:

  • Designing a Project Management Team
  • Preparing a Project Brief
  • Analysing Risk
  • Identifying Quality Criteria


The PRINCE2® Foundation Certificate Examination.



PRINCE2® Foundation Certificate Examination (60 minutes):

  • Multiple-choice
  • 60 questions
  • Closed-book

Free Resources

PRINCE2® Made Simple

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Mind Maps

Our exclusive PRINCE2®, PRINCE2 Agile® and MSP® mind maps bring together the key elements of the methods at a glance. Download them here.

PRINCE2® Software - PROJECT in a Box

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Project Document Templates

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