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The Project Management Method Made Simple - New 2017 Release

Author: Steve Tofts


Why do I need to read "PRINCE2® in Plain English"?

PRINCE2® comes in the form of a reference manual which is the size of a small telephone directory and if you read it from cover to cover it would be about as interesting as reading one! It’s simply not intended to be used that way.

However, in order to use the method effectively you need to understand some key concepts and these are not always expressed as clearly as they might be in the standard PRINCE2® manual... "PRINCE2® in Plain English" now in its second edition, is intended as something you should read before you approach the official PRINCE2® manual. It is designed to help you understand the important concepts in PRINCE2® – and greatly enhance your chances of success in the PRINCE2® exams. The book will also give you a good overview of the method if you’re not interested in taking the exams and provide a succinct update for people who have older editions of the official manual.


What’s in "PRINCE2® in Plain English"?

  • It is the quickest and easiest way to understand the additions and changes to the new 2017 release
  • 4 project case studies which illustrate the way that PRINCE2® can be tailored to different types of projects
  • Clear, simple professionally designed full colour flow diagrams
  • Examples of the key PRINCE2® management documents
  • …and above all, simple, plain English explanations of the PRINCE2® terminology


About the Author

Steve developed Benchmark's range of PRINCE2® and generic project management courses for accreditation by the Association of Project Management Group (APMG) and is our Lead Trainer. An experienced programme and project manager he has delivered training events and consulting for Benchmark in the financial services, central and local government, communications, civil engineering the utilities and the not-for-profit sector. The BCS have recently reviewed PRINCE2® in Plain English - giving it an excellent score of 9/10.

You can read the full review here:


Book Offer

To obtain a discounted copy (£19.99 instead of £24.99) of this recently published, must-have guide to the world's most widely used project management method, call 01225 444501 and quote "Benchmark Book Offer". You'll also receive a free copy of our A3 Prince2® Mindmap.


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