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John Power

John has over twenty years’ experience of managing IT projects and programmes spanning a range of industries including engineering, financial services, energy and government.  An accredited PRINCE2 practitioner since 1997, he has delivered a number of projects using the method and has been involved in learning and development since 2002.  He has also worked with a number of universities on a variety of Project Management education courses including Diploma and MSc programmes at Lancaster University where he is an Honorary Teaching Fellow. He has an MSc in Project Management and is a member of the British Computer Society and the Association for Project Management.


Peter Johnson - Lead Trainer Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®)

Peter has unique experience in the breadth of sponsorship, management, application and training management of HMG's PRINCE2, Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) and Management or Risk (M_o_R®) as well as others' PPM methods and standards. Peter was recently responsible for the 'sponsorship' of best-management-practice methods, development of PPM skills and the PPM profession for the Office of Government Commerce (now Cabinet Office) and a peer reviewer of high-risk government projects (OGC Gateway™).

His experience is primarily, but not exclusively, in the public sector in a range of national and international organisations. Peter is experienced in UK public and private sectors and in international collaboration. Peter has been involved in the formal reviews of the latest versions of PRINCE2 and MSP. Peter also works closely (as a consultant) with the Association for Project Management (APM) helping to further their examinations and Body of Knowledge in their Professional Standards and Knowledge (PS&K) area.


Mike Pryor

Mike's key skills are helping clients plan, implement and sustain Process Improvement programmes within their IT departments. He has helped over thirty organisations implement project and programme management processes, tools and techniques during the last twenty years, and has a deep practical knowledge of Change Management issues associated with these initiatives, together with knowledge transfer to client staff as part of planned training and mentoring programmes. His core strengths include:

  • Management Consultancy & Training. Designing, delivering and managing process improvement programmes to meet specific client requirements, often working at board level within client organisations.
  • Delivering MSP® courses to a variety of clients.
  • Knowledge Management. Capturing experience from staff working on these programmes to continually improve the client's core competencies.
  • Delivery. Managing projects to deliver benefits to the business.

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