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The world’s leading project management method...


The method is aimed at everyone who is involved in a project – not just project managers. PRINCE2 provides a framework which brings together decision makers, end-users, project managers, suppliers, project support offices, quality assurance and specialist teams.

PRINCE2 is a powerful, flexible method for controlling and delivering successful projects of any size or complexity. It’s used in every industry sector throughout the UK and in many other countries. Unlike most approaches to project management, it’s based on the experience of real project management teams.

Benchmark has been an accredited PRINCE2 training provider since 2002, helping thousands of delegates to learn and apply the method to their own projects.

The latest update - PRINCE2 2017

Our partners AXELOS, the owners of PRINCE2, have updated the method’s Best Practice Guidance. PRINCE2 2017 retains the tried and tested set of principles, themes and processes that have made the method so popular, and the new guidance won’t require anyone who is already PRINCE2 certified to re-qualify. That’s all great news for individuals and organizations that have invested in PRINCE2 training and certification. The even better news is that the new guidance places far more emphasis on the practical aspects of using PRINCE2 in the real-world.

We've also published the latest addition to our highly acclaimed series of Plain English publications. PRINCE2 2017 in Plain English is written in simple, direct language and shows how the method can be tailored to real-life projects of all shapes and sizes.

Introducing PRINCE2 2017

Why has PRINCE2 been updated? The success of PRINCE2 lies in its blend of proven best practices in project management developed by business professionals, academics, and practitioners.

But we recognize that the business world is changing, and even something as tried and tested as PRINCE2 is not completely resistant to change. As ever with PRINCE2, the update has been a collaborative approach using feedback from across the PRINCE2 user community; the people best positioned to assess PRINCE2 through their continued application of the method across a range of working environments. This feedback has resulted in a thorough, evolutionary, update of PRINCE2.

This important update reinforces PRINCE2’s unrivalled reputation for Best Practice in project management. As always, the focus is on helping individuals and organizations across a range of job roles, sectors and geographies, to manage projects successfully.


What are the main changes to PRINCE2? The PRINCE2 2017 update will see a new edition of the PRINCE2 manual, plus updated training materials and Foundation and Practitioner examinations. This update does not change any of the fundamentals of the method – PRINCE2’s overall structure of seven principles, themes and processes remains unchanged. But the emphasis and treatments within these have shifted.

The main changes to the guidance are a greater emphasis on the following areas:

- tailoring PRINCE2 to the needs of organizations and project environments;

- the principles that underpin PRINCE2;

- greater link between the themes and principles;

- restructuring the "Themes" guidance to accommodate specific examples of tailoring;

- the practical application of the method and guidance, with examples, hints and tips.


The updated manual, training and examinations will help you tailor PRINCE2 effectively to ensure you get the most out of the certification.

PRINCE2 has always been rooted in real life experience. This update can be trusted to provide practical, authoritative and relevant guidance to anyone managing a project in today’s environment.


I’m already PRINCE2 certified - what does the update mean for me? If you are a qualified PRINCE2 Practitioner or hold the Foundation Certificate, you do not need to worry. People with a current PRINCE2 certificate will not need to take the new examinations. However, we would highly recommend familiarizing yourselves with our summary of the new guidance to understand the updates in more detail. There is also a FAQ sheet available to answer any specific questions you might have.

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